Adelheid Bieberle  ‎(I89)‎
Given Names: Adelheid
Surname: Bieberle
Married Name: Adelheid Baar

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: about 1910
Death: Yes
Personal Facts and Details
Birth Birth about 1910

Note: geschätzt
Marriage Marriage Franz Stephan Baar - 8 June 1940 ‎(Age 30)‎
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Ketzelsdorf, Zwittau, Schönhengstgau, Tschechien
Latitude: N49.766667 Longitude: E16.55 Mapquest © Google Maps © Multimap © TerraServer ©

Death DeathYes
Religion katholisch
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Immediate Family  (F38)
Franz Stephan Baar
1904 -

Birth geschätzt

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Schönhengstforum Tast Thomas ‎(Mannheim)‎

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Close Relatives
Family with Franz Stephan Baar
Franz Stephan Baar ‎(I79)‎
Birth 23 December 1904 27 26 Ketzelsdorf Nr. 146, Zwittau, Schönhengstgau, Tschechien
Death Yes
5 years

Adelheid Bieberle ‎(I89)‎
Birth about 1910
Death Yes

Marriage: 8 June 1940 -- Ketzelsdorf, Zwittau, Schönhengstgau, Tschechien