Mathias Hikele  ‎(I217)‎
Given Names: Mathias
Surname: Hikele

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: Yes
Death: Yes
Personal Facts and Details
Birth BirthYes
Marriage Marriage Barbara Maixner - 20 November 1810
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Dittersdorf, Zwittau, Schönhengstgau, Tschechien
Latitude: N49.8 Longitude: E16.533333 Mapquest © Google Maps © Multimap © TerraServer ©

Occupation Occupation Häusler
Death DeathYes
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Immediate Family  (F78)
Barbara Maixner
1783 -
Johann Hikele
1813 -

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Schönhengstforum Andrea Lachnit

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Close Relatives
Family with Barbara Maixner
Mathias Hikele ‎(I217)‎
Birth Yes
Death Yes
Barbara Maixner ‎(I218)‎
Birth 3 March 1783 Dittersdorf Nr. 13
Death Yes

Marriage: 20 November 1810 -- Dittersdorf, Zwittau, Schönhengstgau, Tschechien
3 years
Johann Hikele ‎(I214)‎
Birth 31 December 1813 30 Dittersdorf Nr. 31, Zwittau, Schönhengstgau, Tschechien
Death Yes